ICC Collaborative Ecosystem

The Collaborative Ecosystem is an open ecosystem composed of three different levels of mutually enhancing and supporting sub-systems. The first level is the core sub-system planned by the top-level design: – ICC International Cooperative Innovation Alliance – ICC International Cooperative Village – a series of collaborative funds (parent fund/industrial fund/venture fund/special fund, etc.) – Collaborative…

Tsinghua Makers Day International Summit 2017

November 25, 2017, Tsinghua Hacker Day International Summit Forum was held at Tsinghua iCenter with an unprecedented gathering of international and domestic digital economy gurus, with more than 500 people attending the event. Mitch Altman, the founder of the international “Maker”, made a speech, gave a case demonstration of the EU’s top integrated algorithm Openmodelica,…

2017 June 1st Collaboration Festival & Co-Investment Forum & Inaugural Meeting of Beijing West Coast Collaboration Village

As the mayor of Vancouver Collaboration Village, I was honored to participate in the June 1 Collaboration Festival and Collaboration Investment Forum, as well as the inauguration of Beijing West Coast Collaboration Village, He was joined by many village chiefs and more than 500 international and domestic industry and financial gurus for a happy gathering.

Synergy Strategy Workshop 2015

Beijing Olympic Village Pangu Seven Star Hotel, together with ICC co-founder Zheng Changxiang, Chinese VC godfather Yan Yan, Chinese angel godfather Xue Manzi, Tencent vice president Ma Bin and other elites, and more than 300 industry and financial circles, gathered together for an unprecedented event.